Cancun Summer 2020

We recently returned from our second visit to Cancun in the past 30 days and wanted to update everyone on the situation there.  The weather is beautiful there this time of the year although some pools can feel like bathwater due to the plentiful sunshine so keep that in mind!

Many of you may have heard of the seaweed / grass problems plaguing this portion of the Yucatan Peninsula and I won’t lie to you in some places it is absolutely terrible.  On 2 most recent visit we were in the Rivera Maya district and it was VERY bad.  If you are a beach person (as opposed to the pool) you would have been extremely disappointed.  I won’t go into details but take my word for it – BAD!

On our most recent stay we were farther north in the Playa Mujeres region and although not pristine like the photo above it was “acceptable”.  Depending on your exact location it was either sea grass or sea weed washing up but was at a rate the resorts could contend with and get it cleaned up regularly and the water was not choked full of it waiting to come ashore.

Mandy has a website she uses that monitors the conditions there so check with her if you are scheduled to go there soon – and speaking of soon, only 2 more Vacation Express Charters left this season to Cancun!  hurry up and get a seat!