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We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us

Cancun Summer 2020

We recently returned from our second visit to Cancun in the past 30 days and wanted to update everyone on the situation there.  The weather is beautiful there this time of the year although some pools can feel like bathwater due to the plentiful sunshine so keep that in
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Taboo Travel

Have you ever thought about Taboo Travel? Have you ever HEARD of Taboo Travel? Otherwise known as “libertine travel” or “lifestyle resorts”, this type of travel can fully incorporate your lifestyle, or lifestyle preferences, into your vacation! Recently, we were able to travel to do site inspections for a
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Tuck In at Beaches Resorts

There are so many ways to make your vacation extra special!  One of our favorites is the special tuck-in and bedtime story we can arrange for you at Beaches Resorts. Any of your favorite Sesame Street characters (except Big Bird… he’s just a little TOO big!) can come in,
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